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Degrees of Canadian Bacon

Degrees 97-100


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notes_baconbullet.jpgDEGREE 100: Kathleen Edwards
Royal Wood recorded the follow-up to his full-length debut at Reaction Studios in Toronto in 2005. An engineer working at the studio was Jeff Elliott. He worked with various artists that came through the establishment before it closed. These musicians include The Barenaked Ladies, Rush, Sum 41, Blue Rodeo, Molly Johnson, Bruce Cockburn, Rheostatics, Sarah Harmer and Kathleen Edwards. 

notes_baconbullet.jpgDEGREE 99: Royal Wood 
In 2008, Slean and fellow singer-songwriter Royal Wood got engaged while in Paris. The pair married in 2009.

notes_baconbullet.jpgDEGREE 98: Sarah Slean
In 2009, Jason Collett took part in an interactive documentary series called City Sonic. The series featured 20 Toronto artists who spoke about where they make music in the city. Slean spoke about performing at the Rivoli - a bar, restaurant and performance space on Queen Street West in Toronto, Ontario. She played there while attending the University of Toronto.

notes_baconbullet.jpgDEGREE 97: Jason Collett
Afie Jurvanen aka Bahamas was part of Jason Collett’s backing band Paso Mino. The band was rounded out with members Robbie Drake, Mike O'Brien and Michael P. Clive.

Featured on February 15, 2012


Degrees 94-96


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notes_baconbullet.jpgDEGREE 96: Bahamas
Amy Millan toured North American in 2009 to support her sophomore album 'Masters Of The Burial' which was released on September 8 that year. She and her opener Alfie Jurvanen, who's better known as Bahamas, had two stops in Alberta, Calgary and Edmonton.

notes_baconbullet.jpgDEGREE 95: Amy Millan
The band Stars was formed in Toronto by vocalist Torquil Campbell and keyboardist Chris Seligman. The line-up subsequently grew to incorporate Evan Cranley, with whom Millan had played gigs while a member of the group 16 Tons. Feeling that Millan would be a good fit for the group, Cranley invited her to New York City to audition in December 1999. She got the gig. 

notes_baconbullet.jpgDEGREE 94: Stars 
Young Galaxy's music video for their song 'We Have Everything' were produced by Montreal-based animator Sinbad Richardson. He is also behind a six part webisode series called 'Stars – The Five Ghosts, Making Of' about the band Stars in 2010.

Featured on February 8, 2012

Degrees 91-93


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notes_baconbullet.jpgDEGREE 93: Young Galaxy
The three piece band is also on the Paper Bag Records label. But they weren’t always on that label. They formed in Vancouver but later moved to Montreal, where they recorded their self-titled debut. The album was released April 24, 2007 on Arts & Crafts. They released their second full length 'Invisible Republic' on the Fontana North label and then their most recent release from 2011 was on Paper Bag Records.

notes_baconbullet.jpgDEGREE 92: Austra
The twin sisters of Tasseomancy are part of the touring line-up for the Toronto-based electronic outfit, Austra. The debut studio album by Austra ‘Feel It Break’ was released on May 17, 2011 by Paper Bag Records.

notes_baconbullet.jpgDEGREE 91: Tasseomancy
Timber Timbre is a Canadian 3 member folk music project. The moniker refers to an early series of recordings made in a timber-framed cabin set in the wooded outskirts of Bobcaygeon, Ontario. A band from Toronto that Timber Timbre has worked with is Tasseomancy. The twin sisters Sari and Romy Lightman crafted their second full-length Ulalume with Taylor Kirk and Simon Trottier of Timber Timbre. They co-produced and accompanied the siblings on the recording.

Featured on February 1, 2012

Degrees 88-90


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notes_baconbullet.jpgDEGREE 90: Timber Timbre
Bry Webb is one of the Canadian music acts to be featured on the compliation album ‘Friends in Bellwoods’. It was released in 2007 with proceeds going to Toronto's Daily Bread Food Bank. A second edition of the Friends in Bellwoods compilation was released in August 2009. On the second edition is Timber Timber playing the song Water.

notes_baconbullet.jpgDEGREE 89: Bry Webb
Some of the Minotaurs music features vocals from Bry Webb. Webb was a part of the band The Constantines and now he is pursuing his own solo career.

notes_baconbullet.jpgDEGREE 88: Minotaurs
Don Kerr was a member of Rheostatics from 1995 to 2001. He was the drummer for the group. Since leaving the group, he has played with Ron Sexsmith and The Hidden Cameras. In 2010, he produced the album The Thing for the Minotaurs and played drums for them.

Featured on January 25, 2012

Degrees 85-87


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notes_baconbullet.jpgDEGREE 87: The Rheostatics
In October 2007, Ida Nilsen moved from Vancouver to Toronto, where she now resides. At one point Great Aunt Ida was playing monthly at the Tranzac Club. When she played there her band  included a former Rheostatics member Tim Vesely on bass.

notes_baconbullet.jpgDEGREE 86: Great Aunt Ida
A member of Choir Practice is Ida Nilsen. She heads up and is the namesake of the band, Great Aunt Ida.

notes_baconbullet.jpgDEGREE 85: Choir Practice
The band, Hot Panda was signed to Vancouver-based label Mint Records in 2009. Another band on Mint Records is Choir Practice, a musical collective consisting of a rotating cast. They released their self-titled debut album two years earlier on Mint Records in May 2007.


Featured on January 18, 2012

Degrees 82-84


notes_baconbullet.jpgDEGREE 84: Hot Panda
The Boats' album 'Cannonballs, Cannonballs' was recorded by Hot Panda's Ryan McVeigh and mixed by some of The Weakerthans, Cam Leoppky and Shawn Dealey.

notes_baconbullet.jpgDEGREE 83: Boats
Imaginary Cities debut album was cut at Winnipeg studio, Prairie Recording Co. Boats also worked at that same studio for their 2010 release, 'Cannonballs, Cannonballs'.  

notes_baconbullet.jpgDEGREE 82: Imaginary Cities 
Based in Winnipeg, the band consists of vocalist Marti Sarbit and multi-instrumentalist Rusty Matyas, formerly of The Waking Eyes and a sometime collaborator with The Weakerthans.


Featured on January 11, 2012


Degrees 79-81


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notes_baconbullet.jpgDEGREE 81: The Waking Eyes
The Arkells toured across Canada in early 2009. During that tour, they were on the road with the Winnipeg, Manitoba-based, four-piece band Waking Eyes.

notes_baconbullet.jpgDEGREE 80: The Arkells
Hannah Georgas grew-up in Newmarket, Ontario before moving to Victoria, British Columbia to attend university. While in high school she played in a band with Tim Oxford of The Arkells.

notes_baconbullet.jpgDEGREE 79: Hannah Georgas
Buck 65 released the album ‘20 Odd Years’ on February 1, 2011. The album was named in honour of Buck 65's 20 years in the music industry and featured various other Canadian musicians including Hannah Georgas.

Featured January 4, 2012

Degrees 76-78


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notes_baconbullet.jpgDEGREE 78: Buck 65
The six-piece band, The North Lakes, also worked with Charles Austin at Echo Chamber Studios. Austin has done work with Buck 65.  

notes_baconbullet.jpgDEGREE 77: The North Lakes
Maritime-based sound engineer Adam Gallant did production work on Milk & Rectangles album 'Dirty Gold' as well as the most recent material from The North Lakes.
You can download their 2010 release 'Cobra' from their bandcamp page.

notes_baconbullet.jpgDEGREE 76: Milk & Rectangles
In-Flight Safety established their own label Night Danger Records in Halifax in the fall of 2008. The rooster of artists is small but hearty. It includes Milks & Rectangles. There is also a family connection as In-Flight Safety has Daniel Ledwell and Milk & Rectangles has brother Christian Ledwell.
You can download their 2010 release 'Dirty Gold' from their bandcamp page.

Featured on December 28, 2011 

Degrees 73-75


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notes_baconbullet.jpgDEGREE 75: In-Flight Safety
In 2006, Matt Mayes and El Torpedo released the music video for their song ‘Time of Your Life (‘til You’re Dead)' which was directed by Drew Lightfoot. Drew Lightfoot is a Canadian director of commercials and music videos. He’s also worked on Lightfoot's music videos for k-os, Constantines, Guster, The Cure and In-Flight Safety.

notes_baconbullet.jpgDEGREE 74: Matt Mayes
Ruth Minnikin was formerly a member of Booming Airplanes, The Heavy Blinkers and The Guthries. The Guthries were originally formed by Ruth Minnikin and Dale Murray, the band included their respective siblings Gabe Minnikin and Brian Murray, as well as high school friends Serge Samson and Matt Mays.

notes_baconbullet.jpgDEGREE 73: Ruth Minnikin
The Russian Futurists did a holiday-themed duet with Ruth Minnikin called '100 Shopping Days ‘Til Christmas'.

Featured on December 21, 2011

Degrees 70-72


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notes_baconbullet.jpgDEGREE 72: Russian Futurists
Label mates of Girlsareshort on Upperclass Recordings are the Russian Futurists originally from Cornwall, Ontario.

notes_baconbullet.jpgDEGREE 71: Girlsareshort

The other half of MSTRKRFT is Alex Puodziukas, aka Al-P. In 1998, he joined Daniel Zabawa and David Regan to create another band Girlsareshort. 

notes_baconbullet.jpgDEGREE 70: 
Owen Pallett has contributed remixes to Death from Above 1979. Death from Above 1979 are a Toronto-based Canadian dance-punk/noise rock duo. The band broke up in 2006, but announced a reunion in 2011. Jesse F. Keeler is the bassist for Death from Above 1979 and is also in the musical act MSTRKRFT.

Featured on December 14, 2011

Degrees 67-69


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notes_baconbullet.jpgDEGREE 69: Owen Pallett
F*cked Up has collaborated extensively with other artists on record and during live performances. The band's debut album 'Hidden World' featured guest instrumentation from Owen Pallett.

notes_baconbullet.jpgDEGREE 68: F*cked Up
The Hidden Cameras' song 'Boys of Melody' was featured on the soundtrack of the John Cameron Mitchell film 'Shortbus' which starred former Much Music host Sook Yin Lee. Now the frontman, Damian Abraham, of the band F*cked Up has hosting duties on channel.

notes_baconbullet.jpgDEGREE 67: The Hidden Cameras
Joel Gibb and his band The Hidden Cameras have played The Osheaga Festival in Montreal, Quebec. The Saskatchewan band The Sheepdogs have also played the festival and won the 2011 Western Canadian Music Award in the Best Rock category. Alberta's Wool on Wolves were nominated  in that category.

Featured on December 7, 2011

Degrees 64-66


notes_baconbullet.jpg DEGREE 66: Wool on Wolves
Ted Ani the lead singer for Red Shag Carpet is also a school teacher. A fellow Canadian musician who was also a fellow teacher of Ted's is Thomas Reikie of the Wool on Wolves.  A side note, Nik Kozub also produced their second release, Grey Matter which we heard the cut 'G-Arp'.

notes_baconbullet.jpg DEGREE 65: Red Shag Carpet
Nik has a label Nrmls Wlcm Records and he also works as a sound engineer and producer. He's worked with the likes of Cadence Weapon, Michael Rault, The Floor and Red Shag Carpet. We heard the song 'Showtime' from the Kozub produced 2011 Red Shag Carpet release 'Down Like A Lion'.

notes_baconbullet.jpgDEGREE 64: Shout Out Out Out Out
Luke Doucet was in the Vancouver band, Veal, with Edmontonian Nik Kozub as the bassist. Since then, Nik has gone on to create the dance punk/electro group Shout Out Out Out Out. From the 2006 release 'Reintegration Time' from Shout Out Out Out Out, we listened to 'Run'.

Featured November 30, 2011

Degrees 61-63


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notes_baconbullet.jpgDEGREE 63: Whitehorse
Recently the 'Engineer of the Year' award went to Michael Chambers at the 2011 Hamiton Music Awards. He worked with Paint on their 2011 release 'Where We Are Today' through the Catherine North Studio. Another band that worked at the Catherine North Studio is 'Whitehorse'. We heard 'Killing Time Is Murder' from their self-titled release of 2011.

notes_baconbullet.jpgDEGREE 62: Paint
A former member of Paper Moon is Robb Johannes. He is currently in the band Paint. Paint is a Canadian indie rock band based in Toronto.
We listened to Paint's song 'She Leaves' from this year's release 'Where We Are Today'.

notes_baconbullet.jpgDEGREE 61: Paper Moon
Galaxie has been on the C4 label. Brandon Friesen founded the Winnipeg-based label. Founded in 2004, their records are distributed in Canada by Koch Entertainment. A band that Friesen has worked with is Paper Moon as a producer. We sampled the song 'We Can Take The Long Way' from Paper Moon's 'What Are You Going to Do with Me?' album.

Featured November 23, 2011

Degrees 58-60


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DEGREE 60: Galaxie
The Les Breastfeeders’ former drummer is Fred Fortin. He has also been associated with the band Galaxie. He has also released several solo albums. His 2009 album Plastrer la lune was a longlisted nominee for the 2010 Polaris Music Prize.
We heard Shanghai, the closing track on Galaxie's album 'Tigre Et Diesel'.

DEGREE 59: Les Breastfeeders
The Besnard Lake’s Jace Lasek also runs a studio called Breakglass Studios. It is an analog and digital recording studio in Montreal. Local and international bands have recorded there including the likes of Sunset RubdownIslands, Patrick Watson, Stars, Wintersleep, Wolf Parade and Les Breastfeeders. Les Breastfeeders are a francophone rock 'n' roll band from Montreal.
From Les Breastfeeders' 2011 release 'Dans La Gueule Des Jour', we listened to '400 Miles'.


DEGREE 58: The Besnard Lakes
Ladyhawk is on Jagjaguwar. Also on that label, The Besnard Lakes out of Montreal, Quebec. Formed in 2003 by the husband and wife team of Jace Lasek and Olga Goreas. Two of their three albums have been nominated for the Polaris Music Prize.
We sampled the song 'Disaster' from the band's 2006 disc 'Are the Dark Horse'.

Featured November 16, 2011

Degrees 55-57


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DEGREE 57: Ladyhawk
Daniel Romano designed the cover art for his band, Attack in Black, first album, ‘Marriage’. He has also designed t-shirts and posters for M. Ward, Ben Kweller, City and Colour as well as Ladyhawk.
Ladyhawk is a Canadian indie rock band formed on February 27, 2004 in Vancouver, British Columbia. Their debut album, Ladyhawk was released on June 6, 2006 on Jagjaguwar Records.
We sampled 'My Old Jacknife' from Ladyhawk's self-titled 2006 release.

DEGREE 56: Daniel Romano
Dallas Green aka City and Colour often is accompanied by a rotating roster of Canadian indie rock musicians, such as Spencer Burton and Daniel Romano of Attack in Black.

Daniel Romano is a Canadian visual artist and musician. Romano is also a partner in his own independent record label, 'You've Changed Records', along with his Attack in Black bandmate Ian Kehoe and Steve Lambke of Constantines.
From Romano's 2011 album 'Sleep Beneath The Willow' we heard 'There are lines on my face'.


DEGREE 55: City and Colour
Tragically Hip frontman, Gord Downie, worked with fellow Canadian act, City and Colour, to contribute vocals on the track ‘Sleeping Sickness’ for City and Colour 2007 album, ‘Bring Me Your Love’.
City and Colour is the recording alias for Juno Award-winning Canadian singer-songwriter Dallas Green, who was also the guitarist and vocalist of the post-hardcore band Alexisonfire. The name City and Colour comes from his own name: Dallas, a city, and Green, a colour.
We listened to the 'Sleeping Sickness' from the 2007 release 'Bring Me Your Love'.

Featured November 9, 2011

Degrees 52-54


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DEGREE 54: Tragically Hip
The lead singer for Steppenwolf, John Kay, was inducted into Canada's Walk of Fame in 2004. Two years prior, The Tragically Hip, were inducted.
From the Hip's 1991 album 'Road Apples' we sampled 'Twist My Arm'.
DEGREE 53: Steppenwolf
Working with Amelia on her album ‘Hunter, Hunter’ was Don Ellis. He acted as the producer and engineer on the 2009 release. He has also worked with other Canadian acts like Great Big Sea, The Once and even Steppenwolf.
We heard the 1968 classic 'Born To Be Wild' from Steppenwolf.

DEGREE 52: Amelia Curran
Hey Rosetta! had their song ‘Red Heart’ used during the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games in an Olympic Montage video celebrating Canada's national pride. A fellow Newfoundlander performed as part of the various music concerts at the 2010 event, one of which was Amelia Curran.
We listened to 'You Won’t Find Me' from Curran's 2006 release 'War Brides'.

Featured November 2, 2011


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