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1. How do I find out the name of a song that was played on a CKUA program?

Go to ckua.com and check the Playlist. For older playlists, visit the Playlist Page. If the song you're looking for is not shown, feel free to contact us.  

2. Can I listen to CKUA through iTunes?

Yes! Click Radio in your iTunes library, and find CKUA in the 'Eclectic' file.

3. How do I listen to CKUA on my SmartPhone?

Go online and search for 'Listen to CKUA on Android/iPhone/Blackberry' etc, and you'll find applications for your platforms. Many people find TuneIn a good application to use.

4. I'm using a network receiver - what is the direct URL to link to?

High quality AAC+ stream:
MP3 stream if the above one does not work:

5. Why don't you link the playlists to iTunes?

iTunes requires digital data such as artist, song title, album, etc. Because not all the music we play on CKUA is digital, we don't have the necessary digital data. We are digitizing our entire collection and aspire to be linked to iTunes sometime in the future.

6. Why doesn't CKUA podcast its programs?

To distribute our music programs via mp3 podcasts, we would have to purchase the music rights or make other financial arrangements with the copyright owners, which is prohibitively expensive. However, we do offer podcasts, and some of our spoken-word and educational programs are archived on their program pages.

As an alternative to podcasting, you can try DAR.fm, a relatively new online streaming service that's still in its testing phase. Now you can record your favourite show or catch one of our new programs which you are dying to hear but can't tune in to.  This user-friendly service is free of charge, and you can give it a try at DAR.fm.

7. Which shows are archived?

Visit the podcasts page and click on the show name to find the archived shows.

8. How many fundraisers do you have each year? How long do they last?

We have two fundraisers in April and October, which usually run for 10 days.

9. Why doesn't CKUA broadcast on the same FM frequency (e.g. 97.3, 97.5) throughout the province?

A CRTC ruling that was originally intended to prevent transmitter conflicts between competitors, led to the abundance of frequencies on which CKUA is carried across the province.

10. How do I email an announcer or staff member?

Every CKUA staff member's email address is written as firstinitiallastname(at)ckua.com. See Directory of Staff for their full names.

11. How do we get our community event mentioned on CKUA?

Follow these guidelines to send your information to the Arts & Culture Guide, and you may also post your event on our calendar, by submitting an event.

12. How do I advertise on CKUA?

To find out about CKUA's advertising rates and package, please contact Don Barnes, Sales Manager, 780-428-2009 or Mandy Palubicki, Account Manager, 780-428-2016.

13. How do I apply for a job at CKUA?

Whenever we have a job opening at CKUA, we'll post it on our home page and invite people to send us their resumes. If there's no job posting on the home page, we do not have any openings.

14. Do you accept music submissions?

Yes! Please send a copy of your CD to our library (see Music Submissions).

15. Where do I go to increase my monthly donation or change my credit card number and other personal details?

Call our Fund Development Office at 1-800-494-2582. Email is generally an unsecure channel and not recommended for sending sensitive information.


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