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Gifts that Celebrate!

Have a birthday, retirement, anniversary, graduation, wedding, or other special event you want to mark in a meaningful way? Looking for the perfect Christmas gift for someone whom is difficult to buy for? Celebrating the birth of a child in your family? Or maybe you are looking for a unique way to show you care or to say thank you to someone special.

A donation to CKUA as a gift is a perfect way to show someone just how much they mean to you. Your donation will be recognized with a gift card that we can mail to you or your loved one at your request.

* The amount of the donation will be kept confidential.

Choose Your Favourite

We have a number of gift options, to fit every budget.

One-time gifts can be any amount and can be made by credit card, cheque or cash.

Monthly donations can be made by credit card or through you bank account. Once set up the gift continues monthly unless you request otherwise. You can start a monthly donation as a gift for anyone and in any amount. This is becoming a popular way to celebrate the birth of a child and ensure CKUA is with them throughout their life.  

Donated hours are a popular way to recognize someone special like a parent, spouse, friend or colleague. Donating an hour of their favourite program is sure to brighten their special day. We cannot guarantee a date or time but will do our best to match your request with available programs. Donated hours are $500 for the first hour and $400 for subsequent hours. Payment on donated hours must be made before the hour can be scheduled.  Cash, cheque or credit card are accepted as payment for this unique gift.

*Please note that in all cases only the giver of the gift gets the charitable tax receipt.

If you need more information our staff would be pleased to assist you.  Call 1-800-494-2582 or send us a note at donors@ckua.com.


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