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Natch'l Blues


Host: Holger Petersen
3:00 P.M. to 5:00 P.M. Saturdays

Canada's longest-running blues program has been on the air since 1969. Natch'l Blues is the quintessential destination for the serious blues fan or the curious newcomer. Presented every week by Canada's blues emissary, Holger Petersen, head of Stony Plain Records and long-time CKUA host, the program is a collection of the best music of the genre and interviews with the greatest names in blues.

Holger finds programming Natch'l Blues to be endlessly fascinating and enlightening; there is no end to the depth of music available when the blues influence is apparent on so many kinds of music. Most of the music that he programs comes from his own collection, and he's constantly finding out more about regional styles along with obscure artists and labels. He's also very lucky to be able to travel a fair amount in his day job, which affords him the opportunity to interview artists that are sometimes hard to get to. That's why this program features interviews with people like Ry Cooder at his studio in LA, Bill Wyman in his London restaurant and artists like John Lee Hooker, John Mayall, Jay McShann and Johnny Otis in their homes. Holger is also a huge supporter of our Albertan and Canadian music scenes, and always looks forward to interviews with new, young local artists and touring veterans.

"I've found that artists who are involved in the blues and roots music are almost always down-to-earth and real," says Holger. "They're doing it for the music (not the glory or big bucks), and they love to share their love of what they do and to educate the rest of us."

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Robert Kyr: Songs Of THe Soul (Cantata) (2011)
by Conspirare / Victoria Bach Festival Orchestra / C. H. Johnson

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